Full moon november 11 astrology

The November 18 new moon is the last activation of this year-long major aspect for the next thirty years. It seems to be significant that this harmonious blend of change and stability is directly related the Sedna and climate change. This aspect means you can experiment with new ideas and lifestyles without too much disruption.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

You can experiment with traditional ways of doing things without being rebellious. This means the changes you make will be accepted and earn you respect. You can find practical ways to increase productivity and live more efficiently, saving time, energy and money. Saturn rules discipline and restriction while Uranus rules electricity and innovation.

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This is an energy-saving aspect. New moon November will give you the opportunity to act responsibility and show your leadership qualities. Adapting to serious changes means initiating changes at home and in your workplace. This aspect is good for working with groups and bringing together people from a variety of background and skills.

New technologies and innovations will be available to help you adapt. You can use the internet to connect to like-minded people, to learn, to share information and eventually to teach and guide others.

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The November 18 new moon will make you more aware of climate change because of its near exact opposition to the planet Sedna. Rapid changes in the environment are threatening your way of life and now is the time to do something about it. By following your intuition and taking the lead, you will find practical ways to save time, energy and money.

You may decide to have quicker showers or you might decide to buy an electric car. Every bit helps and new moon November is a good time to start.

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